Weltenbummler Shumba - Weltreise mit dem Allrad Reisemobil

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Shumba - the Globetrotters

can not be gathered in
a single place.
                           from Uganda

Our dreams have changed our lives
The fact that we will be living actually living our dreams and may begin a future as world travelers, we were seriously aware of this when we bought our four-wheel camper. .
We gave the truck and our plan the name "Shumba"
. The word comes from the Shona language in Zimbabwe, meaning "lion". The royal animal of the wilderness should protect us discovering the world and give us strength and courage. We need these properties on our adventure trip with our all-terrain expedition vehicle.

Weltenbummler Shumba - Weltreise mit dem Allrad Reisemobil Shumba - Tina und Klaus
Weltenbummler Shumba - Weltreise mit dem Allrad Reisemobil Shumba - Tina und Klaus

We see ourselves as globetrotters

We well know that today it is a great privilege of being able to embark on a trip around the world without having to arrive somewhere. Sometimes we think of the travel writer Bruce Chatwin the British, who on his dream paths in Australia or Patagonia discovered the world off the beaten paths and found a language to tell us of his travels.

We will have to find our own words to understand foreign cultures and to be able to travel to unknown landscapes. Probably we have to abandon as a globetrotter of preconceived notions and old concepts and say goodbye to supposed certainties.
We will, to describe it with the words of the Swiss writer Nicolas Bouvier, "experience the world". So, as Bouvier, who in the mid-20th Century in a small Fiat took two years to go through Turkey and Iran to Afghanistan, we will go as globetrotter Shumba on a leisurely journey into the unknown and discover the wealth of things.

But on our way through continents and countries we will also gain mighty things. We will experience the vastness of the earth, the confinement and seclusion and feel freedom. In all experience, as globetrotters Shumba, we will be entirely up to us. By means, that we want  to  regain  consciousness we want come back to where life is concentrated on the essentials.

The journey is the destination

The planned route in our all-terrain camper will lead across Africa, thence to South America through Central- and North America to Alaska; then lead to Asia, and from there to Australia and maybe to New Zealand.
How many days, weeks, months or years we will be in some places, we do not know. We also do not know where exactly the route will lead us. Wherefrom should we? Time will tell. For us as globetrotters the way is essential, not the arrival.

The greatest thing we possess is neither luggage nor travel map. It is our dreams. Dreams we want to live on our world travel - instead of dreaming our lives.

In our mind again and again popped up the saying of the Moroccan sociologist and author Fatima Mernissi: "...dreams can change your life, and -eventually- the world... "

For us it would be a great pleasure if you would be with us on our trip around the world.

Tina & Klaus
Shumba - the Globetrotters

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