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Travel Report Saudi Arabia
07.03. - 20.03.2014

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Border UAE - Jeddah                    07.03. - 20.03.2014                         2.919 km            

It's Friday and for this reason there is not a lot happening. We take the left lane for "light vehicles" (in no case take the truck lane!). At the first counter the Carnet de Passage is stamped. Here you also get a docket that you have to keep under all circumstances until the final step with the Saudis. Then it's on to passport control, shell out 70 AED, done. Then we drive with the vehicle through no man's land, keep left to pass clearance (never take the truck lane, here are according to a statement 10,000 trucks released per day. Really so many?). Friendly we are guided. There fingerprints and a photo are taken without any fees. Then continue to customs. At the first sight the officials are amazed at our car, they do not know quite how to categorize us. Then the control of the vehicle and the vehicle papers follows. By checking inside only a few drawers and cabinet doors were opened. Sedans and Pickups are controlled more intensively, they very often need to partially unpack everything. After 25 minutes the entry to Saudi Arabia is done. more


Conclusion Saudi Arabia

What one imagines when thinking of Saudi Arabia, does not correspond to reality, and usually turns out to be in many cases a prejudice, in fact, it presents itself as a country with many beautiful oases and dramatic mountain peaks, sandy beaches and rivers. There is Nature to kneel down, desert, which moves you to tears. The country has huge dimensions and the distances have to be bridged sometimes on bad roads.

Although there is no night life in the Saudi Arabian cities, you will find many cafes and restaurants. There is also a wide selection of shops, from simple Souk up to the huge department store. In general, the major cities of Saudi Arabia are very modern and its facilities of high standard. The holiest city of Islam is located in Saudi Arabia, because Mohammed was born here. In fact, the protection of the integrity of the Holy Land is taken very seriously here, and the Islamic law is supervised by the strict Mutawwa, the religious police.

We do not see any great palaces and mosques, but a lot of trash, old "US-cars" many junk cars and we experience aggressive drivers. The supply in the cities is good. more...

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Carferry Jeddah / Saudi Arabia - Suakin /Sudan

Baaboud Shipping (Mahdi Al Musleh Street 7, Coordinates: N 21'28,082 E 39'10,963). This line drives twice a week, Saturday and Sunday. Entirely altruistic Baaboud refers us on to Namma Shipping Lines, Office Askali (Al Malek / King Khaled Road corner Aghareed Road, directly in front of the Hajj Ministry, right around the corner from Baaboud). They drive 3 xs per week, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

We opt for Namma Shipping and have done well. Everything was well organized. more... 

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Picture Gallery - Saudi Arabia

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