Reisebericht Vereinigte Arabische Emirate - Weltenbummler Shumba - Weltreise mit dem Allrad Reisemobil

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Travel Report United Arab Emirates
30.01. - 27.02. / 28.04. - 26.05. / 09.06. - 14.06. / 28.10. - 07.03.2014

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1€ = ca. 4,84 Dirham  Status 06/2013
0,72 € /Ltr, in Abu Dhabi 0,49 € / Ltr;

Sharjah / Al Ain /

near Ghoweifat / Saudi Arabia
yes, without any problems at entry

Part I >  Hafen Sharjah - Dubai                              30.01. - 27.02.2013            

The crossing from Bandar Abbas to Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates was quiet. The ship is only half full and so each of us has enough space to sleep. In the morning we soon see the skyline of Sharjah, one of the seven emirates. The entry proves to be very time consuming. One let us sitting there for a full hour in a waiting room until somebody shows up behind the counter. Slowly, the officials begin calling on person by person. This is a good thing, because otherwise all the passengers would rush to the counter.

The handling of the vehicles on the other hand runs smoothly. Although there are long distances between the stations, everything is well organized and, like so much in the Emirates, it is expensive. Until we can drive our car out of the port area, we are poorer by about 220 € for duty and customs fees. By the time-consuming procedure it has become late, and therefore we only want to search for a place for the night in Dubai. Everything is well signposted, the traffic is regulated, a restful change to Iran, and so we find our way quickly towards Jumeira, a district of Dubai. We have learned that there are some places on the beach where one could stand. And when we arrived there, turn right at the beach around the corner, we are amazed. Here is a vehicle we are not unfamiliar with. Quite by chance we meet Conny and Tommy from Munich, who are traveling with their MAN LE10.230. On the road we had every now and then e-mail contact and we have arranged to meet very vague in Dubai.

But we just get at this beach on the first day, where the two are already staying for a couple of days we have not thought of. The joy of reunion is great. We pack the chairs and start gossiping about our experiences. The two are more or less gone the same route, always about 4 weeks ahead, in the meantime they have already been in Oman and now they want to go back to Germany via Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

Of course there is a lot to exchange. As we sit there together, driving a Emirati past our "corral" and stops. He wants to know if we come from Germany, and how we got here.  
He says that he has apartments in Munich. He likes the city very much and he will be there more often. Only a short time later he comes back with a huge rice-kebab plate and salad, turns everything to us on the table and wishes good appetite. He bought us food and invites us. For all of us that fits right, we have not yet eaten anyway. For us, this is a successful reception in the Emirates.

The United Arab Emirates - a tale from 1001 night
?      ...


Part II >>  Dubai - Abu Dhabi - Ras al Khaimah      28.04. - 26.05.2013   1.852 km

After again almost 2 weeks in Dubai, where we were with the truck in the workshop, we visited friends and did laze around, we make our way towards Abu Dhabi. The weather is still pleasant. During the day, the thermometer shows as around 35 to 37 degrees, at night it cools down to below 30 degrees.
Abu Dhabi is, in terms of area and also terms of population, the largest of the seven Emirates and at the same time administrative headquarters of the United Arab Emirates. In addition, the emirate has about 90% of Emirati oil, and 7% of world oil reserves. This oil revenue has made Abu Dhabi one of the richest countries in the world. But Abu Dhabi does not retain this revenue for themselves. According to the motto "divide and conquer" they act in a kind of oriental countries balance and distribute cash injections to the other Emirates.
In addition, Abu Dhabi has among other things even more daunting natural gas reserves, and since the oil sources are finite, the production of these reserves in the future will still be important. The capital of the same name is green and blooming, one can hardly see anything from the barren desert floor, a sign of prosperity.   ... read more ...

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Part III >>  Dubai                                   

Since October 28, we are back in the country and have spend the first 10 days in a hotel. Of course, our first action was to get our truck from the summer camp and bring it to customer service and support. Only after this time we moved back in to our little "house" again. The first days we have spend with cleaning and tidying up. Time anywhy flies by. Every day there is something else to do. Be it to get parts, make minor repairs or modifications to the truck, to inquire on embassies or authorities. Then we also meet lot of nice people with whom we spend time. You would not believe what you have to do take care of as a traveler. Dubai anyway, is an ideal location for holding supplies.
There is nothing that is not there, you just have to find it and the ways in Dubai are far. And so you spend a lot of time with research and on the road. From one end of town to another, there are more than 40km. But it's fun to be here. Each week new opportunities arise. The people are nice and helpful and it is quite interesting to note that if you have time the contacts
We ourselves
become more open and approach people more directly and we change our pace. We slow down, so to speak, we become more comfortable and take a step slower. That feels good! Let's see what else will arise. What we have experienced since our arrival you can read in our contributions at NEWS.

Part IV >>  Longterm Stay in the Emirates             28.10.2013 - 15.02.2014                     

Since 28 October 2013 we are back from our holiday in Dubai. At the beginning we were very busy making our Shumba ready and to set up again. And, since we were very confident about the fact, to get a visa through Saudi Arabia through good contacts, or with enough persistence, we did take our time at the beginning.
Now, more than 90 days later, we are then very disillusioned and find that we reach our limits. It's hard to understand that in 21 century the journey through a land apparently is denied, the more so if the embassies of the same country in other countries authorize the transit. The thought of arbitrariness comes to mind quickly. Read the whole story about our efforts around the Visa for Saudi Arabia
. Yes, the majority of our time we put in our efforts in order to continue our travel. And in between, we have to extend our visa for the emirates from time to time.    .... read more ....

Part V >>  All's well that ends well ...                                   - 07.03.2014                     

We spend the last days with packing and meeting friends in the evenings. On Thursday, the time has come. We make our way to Abu Dhabi. Our friend Saleh, of the Dubai Riders, mobilized his friends in Saudi Arabia. Our photo and our vehicle data we send beforehand via email. In Riyadh one is waiting for us, Saudi Arabia, we are coming. The collection of our passports at the agency VFS in Abu Dhabi is a matter of 5 minutes, under consideration that we also tell the nice people there about our trip.
From Abu Dhabi to the border there are still about 360 kilometer and we go for it right away this afternoon. We arrive in the darkness in Al Ruwais and therefore see only the next morning a previously unknown side of the Emirates. In the desert, and also at the coast are the largest and most important oil fields in the UAE. And so it is not surprising that Al Ruwais has an incredibly large oil industry. And they continue to build, large satellite towns are created here. The many foreign workers must be accommodated.

Faster than planned, we have arrived at the border in Ghoweifat.

Ma 'Salama Emirates!

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