Reiseberichte Übersicht - Weltenbummler Shumba - Weltreise mit dem Allrad Reisemobil

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Our travel reports, we want to let you share in our adventure, "Shumba". We want to take you to the most remote parts of the world, to places that impress, fascinate, but are also thought-provoking. We will try to publish the travel reports close in time, so that you can follow almost "daily" our adventure travel. Sometimes we will have much to report, but sometimes only a little. But wherever we are staying - our travel reports are a part of our experience and come from the deepest heart.

Journey around the World
as of 19.09.2012

Beginn unserer Weltreise - Tor nach Asien

The world is a
book. Who never
travels only sees 
one side of it.

  Aurelius Augustinus


Round the Turkey
16. Aug. - 14. Dec. 2011

May - August 2011

Former Travel
1988 - 2009


Weltenbummler Shumba - Reiseberichte einer Traumreise, Weltreise
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