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met on the road ...

     Rosalia & Juancar

     We met this young, sympathetic Spanish couple in Pointe-Noire.

     With their defender the two are heading south on the west route already since 5 months.

     More about them under


    Marianne & Wilbert

     We met Nane and Wilbert on a muddy track in DR Congo.

     The two Dutchmen are already on the road for several months. With their
     orange Unimog they are driving down the westroute heading south.
     Here is the link to their website

      Isabela & Rafael

     On a campsite in Maun, we get to know Isabela & Rafael. Two young Brazilians who

     explore the world since 3.5 years with a Defender and will unfortunately end their journey

     in 3 months, to carry out their jobs. More about the daytrippers and their impressive tour

     you can find on their website


       Kerstin & Thomas 

It was by chance that we met in Namibia in November, 2015. Kerstin and Thomas 
are experienced travelers. With their "Zerus" a converted VW-MAN they are exploring
South America on long trips intensively.
Their interesting stories can be found on

       Barbara & Jörg

   ... from Leipzig. We have met the two dropouts in Windhoek. Since one year they are already

   travelling in Southern Africa. They take their time for their plans and travels. In mind they do

   have a "pinned" goal in mind: In the foreseeable future they want to be in Australia, with or

   without their Bimobil. You can find more information about their “experience of the world” 

   on their website:

       Monique & Sjors 

       … from Netherlands. Along the West coast they drove down to South Africa and there

      they plan to stay for a longer period before the will go back to the North along the

      East coast. We have met them in Zambia, in South Luangwa National Park.

      They describe their experiences under

       Jasmine & Bart

   from Finland, an extremely likeable young couple and fond of traveling.

   Again and again they undertake incredible journeys and so they have seen already much of the

   world although they are young age. We met them in Pemba, Mocambique.

   Please find out more about their adventures on their blog:

travel2survive - Mariska & Jan

   ... they are on world travel since March 31, 2011, in a first instance through Africa.

   The two are real adventurers and very keen to travel and this can be clearly 

   seen on their webpage.

   We met them in Pangani, Tanzania.  

tourtucan - Christine & Stefan

    The two young Swiss are travelling for one year through Africa with their own vehicle. 

    We got to know them in Nairobi and we met again in Uganda.

    They write about their experiences and adventures in a very interesting way on their blog.

mantoco - Conny & Tommy

   Both are world travelers like us and accidentily they also come from the same
   region in Germany. After one year of travel break they just recently started
   again to their long desired world travel.
   On their website
the two report about their travel experiences.

            brroomm - Melli & Frank

             Actually we have met the two in Ras al Khaimah. They are are seasoned
several times they were in the Sahara and Africa and have to tell
             interesting stories.

         More information about them you can obtain on

Die Magirus Nomaden, Gertrud and Stefan are currently on their way in Oman. After Christmas they will be cosily driving back towards home. More about the two young "nomads" you can find on their website.

              Manu und Matze Decker have already seen a lot from the world on their many trips.
              Now they are
on the road with their Bremach T.Rex.

Silvia and Christoph's       Stories, Pictures and Experiences of a world travel

Philipp "Burgi" Burger's collection of                   exciting travel reports  

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