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   If I go before you, then I do not know if I'll take you to the right path.
                         Do you go in front of me, then I do not know if you get me on the right path.
                                  If I go next to you, together we will find the right way.

                                                                                                                                                    Proverb from South Africa

Tina & Klaus
Our Worldtrip

Weltenbummler Shumba - Traumreise Weltreise, Abenteuerreise mit dem Allrad Reisemobil Shumba

The beginning of a dream

It was a long process. It all started with our first joint motorcycle trip in 1988 to Turkey at that time still before the turn, we went from Germany via Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, ex-Yugoslavia. To date, to our truck "Shumba", it took aboout 23 years.
In between were many trips with four-wheel vehicles, with the backpack, with motorcycles. On these trips we felt well, at home we have rarely thought. Home that has always been there, where we were.
And at home, again and again signals in the form of dissatisfaction and uncertainty and the question of: How do we go from here long term? Countless hours of dreaming and discussing, always with the thought - even in life there must be something else - this can not have been anything. We had to think about strategies that were outside of our retracted "circle". Something that brings us into harmony with ourselves. Somehow what had to change. This sounds very simple, but the practice has shown that it is not so easy to implement, as it first seems.

Weltenbummler Shumba - Weltreise mit dem Allrad Reisemobil Shumba - Klaus
Weltenbummler Shumba - Weltreise mit dem Allrad Reisemobil Shumba - Tina und Klaus

The decision to travel the world

In the meantime Klaus had opened a bike shop in Munich and I, Tina, made so to speak "career". Every winter, when the cycling season was over, we moved out into the world - to Indonesia, Argentina, Chile, but especially to Africa, from Libya to Tanzania, from Mozambique to Namibia and the Cape of Good Hope, with our own motorcycles or with rented 4x4 jeeps. We had to satisfy our wanderlust. Back home, we then tried as long as possible to preserve the impressions and experiences. This can not go well in the long run. As something very important was missing in our lives.

Sure, our habits have their sense: they provide order, security, and predictability, they make our lives easier. But these conventions and long-established behaviors narrowed our focus to what is actually possible and prevented for very long time, our creativity and renewal for everybody as person, but also in our life together.

We often went on Globetrotter meetings and all-wheel-fairs, looked around, came back home with new dreams. I do not know on how many campfires we have talked and talked, have envisioned a thousand times whether and how it might go and how it would be then, the life outside of manifest rules.

In any moment time had come - we knew it. We wanted to leave our beaten path. We needed courage and willingness to new experiences. A trip around the world - our dream trip - that's it. We will go about this. We are looking for a suitable vehicle and sell everything. We will explore the world as globetrotters and we engage in it - no matter what.

What we do now is "only" the logical consequence of these many conversations and travels - where we recognized our true passion. We have not inherited, we are not rich, we paid our dues piece by piece for our goal of a world travel. We literally put every coin aside.

It is not easy to step out of his comfort zone, to separate from the many amenities of daily life, to give up profitable jobs to live ultimately on a few square meters in a truck. For us, it feels really good. How many times we were asked: Why are you doing this for heaven's sake? Do you really want to stand this? Are you only looking for adventure?

The only answer I can give
is that we know that it can be stressful, it can be difficult, but we also know that there's nothing better for us than this variety. But above all, we are excited to see what life will make with us, where life will take us.

We live our passion with all thankfulness, it is a gift to us that we can make our dream, our "world tour" happen.

Weltenbummler Shumba - Traumreise Weltreise, Abenteuerreise mit dem Allrad Reisemobil Shumba

Shumba - the Globetrotters - Travel around the world with an offroad motorhome

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