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Travel Report Botswana

31.10. - 10.11.2015

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1.071 km

at the border


Part I >  Kasane - Mahembo                    31.10. - 10.11.2015             1.071 km


The Chobe Nationalpark

Kasane is the first city in Botswana here you find pretty good supply possibilities and even ATMs. Already here near the border the product range is extensive and versatile.
We are located in the far north of Botswana, and thus in the immediate vicinity of the famous Chobe National Park. For the part of the park near by the Chobe River, we take a day's time. We see an incredible number of animals, it is very dry and the animals all come to the waters of the river.
We pass herds of buffalo and elephant and in the late afternoon, we even find even a pair of lions, which I is resting in the shade of a tree before they start hunting again in the evening.
Again it is time to make a pause to do laundry and replenish supply. The camps around Kasane are perfect for this.

After work, we cross the "Chobe" as the National Park is usually called on touristy unknown route towards Nogatsaa. The track is narrow, partly overgrown, sometimes very deep sandy and "bumpy". But it's fun and we make quite good progress. 
15 years ago we were here on an abandoned campsite which should be a lodge once, now it's all overgrown and where we suspect the former place now a military camp is set up to protect the huge park from poachers.
A huge white truck, of course, this is immediately apparent and the patrol also has their sights on us. more...


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Botswana - The Chobe Nationalpark


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