Travel Report Botswana II - Weltenbummler Shumba - Weltreise mit dem Allrad Reisemobil

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             Travel Report Botswana III

                             12.07. - 02.08.2016

   our Route

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Pont Drift

924 km

at the border


Part I >  Ramokgwebana - Pont Drift           12.07. - 02.08.2016                        924 km.


The East and the Tuli Block

Already at the border, we feel that there is a different mood in Botswana. People are much more relaxed. So far we did not take notice of it when we entered from the other countries. It's late and we stay right after the border at a gas station. The fuel smuggling to Zimbabwe flourishes in grand style. A roaring trade, as one of the guys told me. Several times a day, they drive across the border with different cars. Everyone knows it and all make money out of it.
In Francistown, a clean modern small town, we find good supply again and use this honestly. On perfect tarmac road we drive to the south after a few days. We like Botswana, here we feel well and safe. The country is, with very few exceptions, clean, there is no trash alongside the roads and the people seem balanced and satisfied. The difference can now be clearly felt coming from Zimbabwe. The people are doing well. There is much more traffic than in the neighboring country, and many drive cars of more expensive brands, also German providers.

Our goal is the Khama Rhino Sanctuary, a small reserve, created especially for rhinos, of which we have heard so much good. Unfortunately, "Rhinos" must still be kept in specially protected areas. In many other national parks they were poached away already. To escape the monotony of the asphalt road, we take the path through villages. Suddenly donkey carts and playing children dominate the streetscape.

For a whole day we stay in the small reserve and did not get to see a Rhino. Instead we can observe many vultures, impala, kudu and other animals, but it is not rhinos. Too bad, we are honestly disappointed. But so is nature.

Slowly we continue to Palapye... more...



CONCLUSION Botswana              80 days                                5.904 km.


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Botswana II -

>> The South West

>>  From the Okavango Delta via

Magkadigkadi Pans to the Zambezi



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