Travel Report Cameroon - Weltenbummler Shumba - Weltreise mit dem Allrad Reisemobil

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               Travel Report Cameroon

                          22.10. - 19.11.2017

   our Route

Currency:        1€ = 656,00 CFA 10/17

Diesel Price:    0,90 €Ct/Ltr
Entry:              D'Abang Minko'o
Departure:      Logone River /Yagoua
km:         2.139
Visa:                 Embassy in Libreville



Part I >  D'Abang Minko'o - Logone River/Yagoua    22.10. - 19.11. 2017        2.139 km


From South to North

The ride through the dense rainforest continues in Cameroon.

And yet there is a serious difference to Gabon and other countries. It's the many police checks. There are nail boards across the street and the police "beg" us for "anything" but are always friendly, often accompanied by the words, "they come from Germany, be nice to them, they are our friends". It also stands out immediately that the people in the small settlements along the road wave to us again and laugh friendly.

It rains the night and the following day. The place we are standing on is completely soggy. Since we are glad to have direct access to the cab and so we can continue with dry feet on good tar road to Ebolowa and then to Yaoundé.

The capital welcomes us with large and colorful shops, large bakeries and in the supermarkets, we find original French products at horrendous prices. In general, we wonder about the prices, many of them are on a European level.

The first night we spend in a police station next to the Embassy of Chad, where we get our visa smoothly. Later we change to Mount Fébé to a Benedictine monastery, where we wait until we can our visa are issued. Yaoundé is the city of the 7 hills. Every neighborhood is different and busy in its own way, as always and everything in Africa. It is chaos with calm and serenity, no one gets upset, everything goes by itself.

After we have our Chad visa in our pockets, we leave the metropolitan area of Yaoundé to the northeast, past large pineapple plantations. Just behind the city the dense rainforest begins. It's amazing how many people approach us in German. Still German is elective at the better schools. Yaoundé was once a German base, who knows today about German history in West Africa?





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