Travel Report DR Congo - Weltenbummler Shumba - Weltreise mit dem Allrad Reisemobil

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               Travel Report DR Congo

                          24.09. - 30.09.2017

   our Route

Currency:        1€ = 1.867,20 CFR 09/17 Black Market

Diesel Price:    0,93 €Ct/Ltr
Entry:              Ango / Matadi
Departure:      Yema
km:         281
Visa:                 Embassy Berlin


Part I >  Ango/Matadi - Yema             24.09. - 30.09.2017          281 km


Transit though the West

There are countless travel reports on the circumstances and conditions in the country, which has been hit hard for many years of war and exploitation, and about possible rip-offs due to police blockades. We have learned to get a picture ourselves, every report is subjective and so far the least were comprehensible for us.

As difficult as it is for us, because the country would be of burning interest to us, especially life on the big river and in the Congo Basin, we decided to drive through the DR Congo by the shortest possible route. Reports of civil war and terrible humanitarian conditions in large areas of the East and the approaching rainy season, which then degenerates into catastrophic road conditions, dispel other considerations.

As we come to stand behind the turnpike, we are directly received by some people. We are led to immigration to a secluded "barrack". The "border physician", recognizable in the white coat, immediately takes the yellow fever vaccination cards off us to disappear behind a big book. Our change of passport also causes confusion and discussion it disturbs the African "order". But we get our entry stamp and the boss of the "person in charge of stamps" to be easily recognized by the thick golden clock then signs the entry. There are clear hierarchies here. Now the passport should still be copied, but the copier does not work, so the data must be entered by hand into a book from another lady.

Now to customs to get the carnet filled in and stamped. Filling in, means entering the place, date and signature is a challenge for the officer and takes time. For stamping, the carnet is then taken away by an errand boy and actually brought back after about 15 minutes but stamped wrongly. So the poor guy has to run again. But all are very friendly, the officials are overall very interested in what we do and do not want any money from us. We use the wait to change money on the black market.

500 meters after the border we run into the first turnpike. We, by means Klaus discusses violently and after some time another official comes and opens the turnpike, waves us through without collecting.

A few kilometers further the next stop. A policeman jumps out of a pub, still has his food in his mouth. more...





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