Travel Report Namibia II - Weltenbummler Shumba - Weltreise mit dem Allrad Reisemobil

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               Travel Report Namibia II

                          05.04. - 01.07.2017

   our Route

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Alexander Bay

at the border      


Part I >  Alexander Bay - Windhoek      05.04. - 30.04.2017           2.545 km


The South

Rosh Pinah, our first city in Namibia, is a pure supply city, small, dusty and desolate, surrounded by many diamond mines.
We "jump" into the spar, some yogurt, bread and vegetables we need, but the shelves are empty. People have been waiting for supplies for days, today the delivery will come. We do not wait, we change our arrangements, we head to the gas station and then we move on, back to the Oranje River, but this time along the other side. We finish the day at the river, lonely and completely undisturbed.

The journey along the Oranje River in the direction of Aussenkehr is a unique landscape. The river meanders along the wild rock formations, which we could already admire on the other side of the river in Richtersveld National Park. Shortly before the small town we turn off towards Ai-Ais, the mountains disappear and we are in a wide plain, a lonely desert. Just before Ai-Ais, which means hot spring, our day's destination, it becomes more mountainous and stony again. We enjoy the swimming in the swimming pool of the campsite and continue to the impressive Fish River Canyon. This gigantic "ditch" is the second largest canyon in the world and evolved by lowering a few thousand years ago, the meandering river dug and is still digging further down.

Away from the main route, quite isolated, we reach after some painstaking driving a deserted farm, or rather a former farm. Today, the grounds belong to the Gondwana Nature Conservation Organization and as of mid April onwards there will be guided hikes to the Fish River area. As lodgings for well-heeled tour participants, there are a few camps available directly at the canyon and exactly to one of them, to the Horseshoe Camp, we wanna go. There are still no guests here, everything is empty and untidy.

After some very tough negotiations by phone with the responsible manager in a lodge, we get an acceptable price, where we have already struggled to come here. And after further, very bad, 8 km we reach the camp.... more...


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Part II >  Windhoek - Ruacana      30.04. - 01.07.2017               1.627 km


The Kaokoland

After a few weeks of "long service”, in which we took care of ourselves and our vehicle, we are finally back on the road.

We make a big leap to the north of Namibia, to the small town of Kamanjab, close to the Etosha Pan National Park and also actually the last supply possibility, if one would like to head to the Kaokoland in the seclusion of the Namib Desert. And that is exactly our plan.

We leave the city of Okahandja behind us when we get a WhatsApp message from our friend Matze. "Where are you, we need help!" We know that our friends Matze, Conny and Tommy went together to the Kaokoland to go on a longer tour together. Only the next morning we reach Matze by telephone

One spring on Tommy's vehicle is broken. They can no longer continue, they stand "in the nowhere" without any telephone reception. The question is whether we could bring a leave spring with us? It's Saturday morning. We are trying to check out our contacts in Windhoek, but such a spring is not on stock. We arrange to meet with Matze in Kamanjab in the "Oppi Koppi" Camp. We have to wait for Monday.
On Monday morning Klaus and Matze walk to the local truck workshop in the village. And from here the organization begins. It quickly becomes clear that such a spring is not available neither in Namibia nor in South Africa. It is puzzled, researched, telephoned, negotiated and organized. It hurries Conny and Tommy have to leave the country in 10 days their visa will expire. Meanwhile the two managed to have a provisional with which they can drive the 250 km gravel road to Kamanjab in almost two days.

On Tuesday they roll in our campsite. And already on Wednesday morning, they can organize an order and a transport of two leave springs from Germany. The two will be picking up the springs at Windhoek airport and we want to go north. We are spending two more days together, and then, for the fourth time, we are finally saying goodbye for a long indefinite period. All is well.

Actually, we are about to leave the place in Kamanjab when Dani and Didi, from Germany, Kevin and Steph from Holland and Dan, Australian from Yukon, Alaska arrive at the campsite. They all did, in the first instance, travel independent of each other, and then, after they had met on the way, they traveled together long distances along the west coast. Only 10 days ago they arrived from Angola to Namibia. They all have the plan to drive up along the east coast. This, of course, offers a lot of topics of conversation and up-to-date information for both sides, so we stay one more night and exchange a lot for our experiences.

But then it's time to leave! more...




In a nutshell, Namibia, is the country for "Africa beginners". Easy to tour, great lodges, good supply and loads of attractions.

Namibia is one of the driest countries on earth, originally, with a magnificent landscape, two and a half times the size of Germany, with just about 3 million inhabitants.

The own rental car, of course 4x4, is booked quickly. The offer is great. However, the distances and also the local difficulties, e.g. passages through riverbeds are very often underestimated. To manage to see all the tourist attractions in a three-week annual vacation often ends with a hatchery from campsite to campsite and far too many kilometers on partly very bad gravel tracks. In many parts you go through original landscapes and wilderness and especially in the north an exceptional proximity to animals is possible.

We would like to advise every Namibia visitor to plan the visit of this land well. And, take your time and eventually come back a second time.

Namibia is one of the most beautiful countries in southern Africa, very contrasting and exceptionally versatile and easy to tour. Here for each can be found the appropriate tour offer. In Namibia you can still find the solitude, in very remote areas, just in the wilderness where you can stand undisturbed and stay overnight.

Thus, when this has been internalized, Namibia is one of the most beautiful countries in southern Africa, very contrasting and exceptionally versatile and easy to tour.

However, Namibia is also increasing crime especially the inexperienced "Africa traveler" is affected. Too fast the windows of the rental cars are thrown in and travel bags, cell phones and photo equipment from the rear seats are stolen. And this happens in supposedly safe places, e.g. in front of the shopping centers of downtown Windhoek. Caution is always advised.

Nevertheless, Namibia is a country to feel good, with friendly, helpful and tolerant people.

Namibia is fascinating and fun!




>> The South

>> The Kaokoland



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