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Travel Report Namibia

10.11.2015 - today

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at the border


Part I >  Mahembo - Windhoek                    10.11. - 04.12.2015             2.939 km


The Etosha NP and the Coast

As soon as we have crossed the border our aim is to make some distance, from Mohambo via Rundu, Grootfontein Tsumeb to our next destination, the Etosha National Park. We enter into the largest Namibian nature reserve through the Lindequist Gate, the eastern entrance.
After "the Chobe" we perceive the “Etosha" like a zoo. The roads are well developed, and the camps are set to mass tourism. On the way we only see a few animals. The huge 5000m² large Salt Pan is dry and the animals have to rely on artificial waterholes in the heat. Thus we only see 2 rhinoceros, 4 lions and some elephants at night in the camp in Okaukuejo.
Recently, the East-West crossing of the park is allowed and of course we make our way to the most western and newest Camp "Olifantsrus". With only 10 camping spaces, it is a very nice well-kept camp and the new observation deck next to a waterhole allows wildlife viewing without much effort. With many animals, it is also a great place for observing. Otherwise, the route does not offer a lot to us.
During the day the heat rises to about 40 degrees, but at night it cools down to about 18 degrees noticeably. The landscape is changing the red Kalahari sand has replaced the white sand of the Etosha. If there would not be the corrugation one could have a relaxing ride through the wide plain to the west of Etosha NP.
These bumpy streets are stressing the material in a very heavy way and due to this a planned, normal rest day in Oppikoppi Camp, Kamanjab, became a repair stop. Our brake fenders did break off due vibration and also the heat steel sheet of the exhaust is loose, a bolt of the gas bottle holder is broken off and the bolts of our cabin are demolished. Africa and its streets are taking their toll. more...



Part II >  Through the Namib                    04.12. - 20.12.2015             1.023 km


Roundtrip through the Namib

Now we have to get used to the new situation again, we are back alone. The processes are different again and so we decide to first of all have a "holiday". After all, the last five weeks were more exhausting than expected. We leave Windhoek towardsKhomas Hochland” in order to turn northwards on to the "non-touristy" route. If you only have 2 or 3 weeks booked time for Namibia, you do not go along here. But we do have time again!
Right and left of the pad, how the unpaved gravel roads are called here, are the vast farmlands with German names like Hohenfels or Baumgartsbrunn.
There is a view over the highland which is leaving you speechless. Especially today, as dark black rain clouds arrange themselves with dark blue sky and white puffy cumulus clouds and fight for supremacy, as do the bright flashes in the background.
These are tremendous pictures, a natural spectacle beyond compare, especially when loud thunder is enhancing the scenery. The parched land thirsts downright for water. According to the calendar, the rainy season should have started already.
High up to about 2000 m, we find a wonderful place with panoramic views over the vast land. Around us oryx and springbok graze, baboons are playing, totally unimpressed of lightning and thunder, seemingly waiting for the redeeming rain. more...

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 Namibia - Etosha NP and the Coast


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