Travel Report Rep. Congo - Weltenbummler Shumba - Weltreise mit dem Allrad Reisemobil

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               Travel Report Rep. of Congo

                            04.10. - 10.10.2017

   our Route

Currency:        1€ = 656,00 CFA 10/17

Diesel Price:    0,73 €Ct/Ltr
Entry:              Massabo
Departure:      Ngongo
km:         463
Visa:                 Embassy Luanda


Part I >  Massabo / Ngongo             04.10. - 10.10.2017          463 km


Transit though the West

After a few kilometers we reach the large port town of Pointe Noire, dirty suburbs, deep puddles and mud on the roadside. But in the city center, we get city surprised with European supermarkets, but at European prices but still, we take advantage of some offers. Even the simcard we can buy fast and easily. And so we make our way to Pascal, who owns a restaurant here in Pointe-Noire on the beach and again and again let travelers stay on his premises. Right on the Atlantic, we can stand in the parking lot of the restaurant for free and in the evening we get the best pizza served for a long time.

Rosalie and Juancar are also with Pascal. They are a young Spanish couple, who set out 5 months ago in Spain for their world trip and are heading south. For 1 week already they are waiting for their Angola Visa. There are many interesting things to report.

On one of our beach walks we meet by chance Josefine and Claes. Josefine is from here, Claes is Swedish. The two are married for 12 years, live in Sweden and are currently visiting the family. We are immediately sympathetic and a nice conversation develops. Josefine invites us to visit her family the next day. It's a big family, the sister has cooked up a lot everything tastes delicious. Like old friends we are welcomed and seated. It was worth it to stay a day longer.

After the warm farewell of Josefine, Claes and Peter, her little son, we make our way out of Pointe Noire. This city is so huge. more...




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