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Travel Report  - The Seychelles

06.05. - 16.05.2015


Islands of Praslin and Mahe


After some consideration and rain soaked days and nights in Arusha and also in Mwanza where we again stay with our friend Wiebke since some weeks, we decided, we sweeten the waiting time until the end of the rainy season a little

Without further ado, we have booked a flight to the Seychelles.

Although usually no one receives an entry visa at the airport in case you cannot show a reservation, we leave everything waiting to happen. Only for the first night we arranged a guest room on the main island Mahe. first We want to visit the somewhat smaller but quieter, Praslin Island. From there, we let ourselves drift.

Arrived by speedboat on Praslin, we take over the rented car just before the harbor and drive off. We are lucky! Even the second request for a self-catering accommodation we like and the owners allow us to talk about the price so that it is affordable. Just great, a two-room apartment located on the Indian Ocean. Here we spend a few lazy days. We undertake excursions to several beaches on the island.

Finally, you find here the most beautiful beach of the Seychelles and the most beautiful beach in the world (!). It is not an exaggeration, they are really gorgeous, white coral sand, turquoise waters, lush green palms and trees and huge granite boulders from the origin. Everything glitters and shines ... heavenly!

The island life is peaceful, calm and quiet and above all very relaxed. Do not worry, stay cool mentality everywhere. Although people seem grumpy "tired of tourists" at first glance and but when you come closer to them, they thaw out and talk and are funny.

Our fish we buy from the fisherman living around the corner.


Unfortunately we have to swallow a bitter pill. From our apartment about 1000 € have been stolen. There is no evidence of forced entry, nothing is provable. Usually we do not have so much money with us, but unfortunately we had already pulled money at the machine to pay for the apartment, the rental car and the ferry back to Mahe. Police? Nil returns! We have filed charges, but despite accurate directions and giving phone number the gentlemen do not find the crime scene on their island. Moreover, there is the belief that we European tourists at home just go to the insurance would there get the money back. The owners were not in the slightest effort to clarify the facts.
We could also see no concern. There was no interest to clarify how such a thing could happen. They defended themselves only "It was not us!" and "The Germans like to make such games a few days before departure, so that they may not have to pay ..." Hallooooo!!!

That was a shame !!

The last two days are spent back on the main island Mahe. Here it is far more lively. The island is densely populated and very often the beaches are not as open and accessible as private houses and hotel complexes occupy the most beautiful pieces for themselves. Nevertheless, there is enough space for all. Steep narrow streets wind their way across the island. We see how the locals live high up on the steep slopes, go into the small hamlet. And we climb, per vehicle, the highest pass of the island, past the, with 995 meters, the highest mountain in the "Morne Seychellois".

Conclusion: We had always thought Seychelles that means one huge luxury resort at the other and only elite guests. Of course they are there, but there are much more "self catering" accommodations and normal tourists. It is common to explore the island by rental car or bikes. One can do a lot.
The Seychelles are not a "cheap holidays destination". Prices for accommodation are shown in Euros and the standard of living seems expensive. Markets with fruits and vegetables, we are looking in vain. However, fish is excellent and cheap.
Nevertheless, we enjoyed the days. Who wants peace and has time to go outside the school holidays, for them it is worth visiting the gorgeous, still very original islands.

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The Seychelles



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