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Travel Report Uganda
07.09. -  09.11.2014

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at the border


Part I >  Suam - Kidepo Valley National Park      07.09. - 15.09.2014          716 km


The border post "Suam River" is small. Upon entry, a woman sits at a desk and is joking with us. Her colleague who has driven to the city did not yet return because of the bad road conditions, and he was also supposed to bring the stickers for the visa and the forms for the receipts of the fees. But after some talking she tells us almost incidentally, that she indeed has the power to decide who may enter the country or not. And because we are "only on holidays", she will now provide us with the stamp and also the residence permit for three months, not a problem at all. Now we are officially in the country. Of course we have to pay the $ 100 visa fee, of course without a receipt, yes we know, the forms are still on the road.
Also at the customs everything works a little more slowly. It takes a while until the document for the 20US $ roadtax is completed and the carnet is stamped. The young man is not quite happy with the fact that we would like to pay with US $. The exchange rates would fluctuate therefore he would prefer to receive either Uganda or Kenya Currency. But, the one we do not have anymore and the other we do not have yet. Finally he is accepting growling.

Since 1962, Uganda is independent of the British. And in the beginning it looked like as this would work, they planned a federal system that would take the many different ethnic groups in the country under one roof, people had high hopes. The economy began to grow. But then everything changed. Milton Obote, the first independent President, tyrannized the country, then under Idi Amin, the monster, everything got worse then again Obote continued what he had started. The country was ruled by terror, violence, arbitrariness and mismanagement. For decades this was the daily life in Uganda. The circumstances have impoverished the country, the infrastructure created broke rapidly.

In the purges of Amin 400,000 people lost their lives, and in the second term Obote's probably 500,000 Ugandans died. Thereto the 35-year civil war in the north of the country came and so insane rebel leaders such as Joseph Kony. More on that later.

Since 1986, Museveni is now president of the country and the country has come to rest. But the consequences of these years of horror, economically, politically and psychologically, are not yet resolved. And Museveni has become controversial. The opposition is suppressed by force and freedom of the press does not exist in the country virtually. The President is said to have a dubious hunger for power, he was a kleptocrat, a friend of Mugabe, who, to whatever cost, even enriches himself.

We are anxious to see if we as travelers notice somewhat of this terrible story. more...



Part II >  Kitgum - Katunguru / Queen Elizabeth NP      15.09. -15.10.2014          2.334 km


We are in the territory of the Acholi. It so happens that at the entrance of Kitgum we see on a very well-kept plot an older white gentleman on a tractor. Quite unusual. We ask whether this was a guest house, or if he knew where we might best stay in the city. He smiles and says, if you do not need electricity, you are welcome to stay with us.
And so we get to know Bev and Wayne from Australia. They build here a vocational school, as we find with Western thoroughness and very professional. The "Cornerstone Foundation" founded by them in Australia is the organization behind it. The two midsixties work with great idealism and conviction on their project and try to raise funds on their home holidays.
The people in this region, especially around Kitgum and Gulu have suffered for years under the rebel attacks and cattle wars. Here is Joseph Kony area, he was born here. A very sad chapter of Ugandan history. Many of the massacre, Joseph Kony has instigated took place here around Kitgum. There is hardly a family that is not affected.
Bev and Wayne, have lived here for about 10 years, know much about it and give us a detailed insight into the cruel history of the country. Even the many landmines set by Kony's people are not vacated. Today big warning signs point to the immense landmine threat. It is not so long ago, as a boy while playing has been found something "strange" in the garden of his home. Since then he has only one arm. MORE IN NEWS
Spontaneously we stay another night and celebrate our 2 year anniversary of the world tour with the two. On 17.09.2012 departure was in Heidenheim.
It continues through the land of the Acholi, they seem to be hardworking farmers. The many small fields are worked on, the towns are clean. On unspectacular road we travel to Gulu, a major city and transportation hub. Supply is to be done again and so do we, as always, on the local market. After extensive study of the map we have now decided to drive to Pakwach.

Pakwach is located directly on Lake Albert, right where the Albert Nile flows out of the lake. Do not know? more...

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Part III >   Katunguru - Cyanika    15.10. - 09.11.2014          617 km


In Kyambura we quite accidentally find accommodation at Mehdi. Mehdi builds a small lodge directly on the border to QENP, an escarpment. He invites us to stay on his property. From the construction site, we do not see much, but there is a wonderful view point from which one has a magnificent view over the savannah to the two lakes. The weather is fantastic. This morning at breakfast on our view point, we have even seen in addition to the elephants the snowy peaks of the Ruwenzoris. What a great picture.
The way Southwest, to Ishasha, leads straight through the park, but it is a public road, so we don't have to pay any entrance fee and again see a lot of wildlife. In places you also have a beautiful view on the Lake Edward. Unfortunately, we do not see the "tree-climbing lions" which shall be there so abundant in this corner of Uganda. But the heck with it.
We want to continue to the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Our first stop will be the small town of Buhoma. Only, on the way there, we need to fix our tire again. We continue through huge tea plantations and cultivated villages. The area is mountainous. In the afternoon we arrive at Buhoma. Here is the headquarters of the National Park and here we want to inquire about the possibilities for gorilla trekking. more...

Conclusion Uganda

If we would not already be infected by the Africa virus, no later than here in Uganda, it would have happened to us.

The land, located in east-central Africa and directly at the equator, was called the "Pearl of Africa" by Winston Churchill - a sounding name, promising diverse and unique natural beauty.

In Uganda, East Africa's savannah goes over in the rain forest of Central Africa what has interesting effects on the biodiversity of plants and animals. The country is characterized by large expanses of water, not least of Lake Victoria and the White Nile, and (wet) savannas and jungles.

Up into the 60's Uganda was the flagship country in Africa, with the most beautiful national parks and the oldest university founded in 1922 in Kampala. But then the country was almost ruined by politicians like Obote and Idi Amin and other "crazy people" like Joseph Kony. The people were slaughtered and tyrannized for years, wildlife populations were decimated or even eradicated. Uganda has a very young sad story.

All the more amazing how friendly and welcoming the people meet us. They are open, funny and curious life on the streets is loud and colorful. Self-confident, optimistic and full of life again people are working on their country.
Life in Uganda is still full of privations. Birth control? None. Children are still the retirement provision of the family in a country in which to grow old is very difficult. The average life expectancy in Uganda is currently still at 54 years.
We have experienced traveling as very pleasant and safe. Nowhere, we had any problem. Uganda, with its beautiful, varied landscape, its wealth of flora and fauna and its friendly people is one of the most fascinating travel destinations in Africa for us.

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Uganda I  - Suam - Kidepo Valley National Park

Uganda II - Kitgum - Katunguru / Queen Elizabeth NP

Uganda III - Katunguru - Cyanika

... People of Uganda



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