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Travel Report Zambia

01.09. - 31.10.2015

   our Route

Diesel Price:

Zambia Kwacha 1€ = 13,36 10/15
0,89 €/Ltr



4.756 km

at the border


Part I >  Lusuntha - Kasama           01.09. - 13.09.2015          973 km


The wild East

The first impression of the Zambian hospitality we receive right after we have received our visas in the passport. Since it is already dark, we ask whether there might be a possibility in the next village to park for the night. Without hesitation we get a very astonished answer: "Why nearest town? You can sleep here, right next to the border house. That's no problem at all! "So we spend the first night in Zambia between the customs house and the border posts. It could not be better.
In bright sunshine we head to Lundazi the next morning, the first large town after the little border. There are good supply options, such as ATM, petrol stations and SIM cards.

Temperatures are increasingly African today we measure 34 degrees during the day. The landscape is not particularly exciting. Cotton fields alternate with corn fields and scrub forest. Life here in the bush in the far east of the country is full of privation.

It is far to the nearest major city, and so in addition to the cultivation of cotton or corn substitution agriculture is pursued to feed their families.
We stay in the bush and accidentally we land on the "cotton farm" of James. In a long conversation, he explains us that the price of cotton has fallen. This year, farmers receive 250 Zambian Kwacha for 100 kg cotton, which is about 25 €. For 100kg! Last year there were 400 Kwacha, almost double. Nevertheless, cotton is easy to grow and very resistant and needs little water, and this is very beneficial in this arid region.
The route that we have chosen, leads us through the West Malawi slowly, kilometer for kilometer down from the foothills of the East African Rift Valley into the remote wilderness of the completely natural Luangwa. more...



Part II >  Kasama - Mansa           13.09. - 18.09.2015          589 km


The most beautiful Waterfalls

We do not waste any more of our time with this anger and make a big jump to the north. In general Zambia is very rich in water. In particular, the north is crossed by numerous large rivers. And it is there where you find the most beautiful waterfalls in the country.
Also in Zambia, the main means of transportation is the heavy Chinese bicycle although in total there are of far more motor vehicles than comparatively in Mozambique. The people live in neat, thatched stone houses. Incredibly friendly they are waving and laughing to us. The road becomes increasingly catastrophic, mostly we only move on at walking pace on the dirt road which is washed out and full of potholes. It is a bleak and pesky ride to the extreme remote northwest
Once at the falls, we are compensated for this drudgery. Completely unspoilt, secluded, little-known and difficult to reach the Lumangwe Falls are located in dense jungle. 30 meters rushes the 120 meter wide Kalungwishi down the cliff. In the spray of water, the rainforest on the banks of the river grow unhindered. Out here nothing disturbs the nature, no gift shop, no rafting, not even paths, simply nothing. more...

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Part III >  Mansa - Kangelesha           18.09. - 27.09.2015          662 km


The Copperbelt

At independence in 1964, the huge ore deposits were the "golden spoon", which should feed Zambia in perpetuity. However, the demand for copper in the world market hit rock bottom and so Zambias singly main pillar was not enough to keep the economy going. Still copper and other ores are mined in the region.
Large mining companies are located here the big companies signs are bilingual, English and Chinese. The traffic is accordingly we encounter one heavy load truck after the other, on roads that do truly not deserve this name. Currently, the road will be expanded to 4-lane highway. The densely populated area is crisscrossed with high-voltage lines. The larger towns are mining towns very dirty for the most part. The dwellings of the black population on the outskirts of cities are mostly poor.

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Part IV >  Kangelesha - Kaoma           27.09. - 13.10.2015          1.089 km


The untouched West

The last major town on our way towards the west is Solwezi. From here it will be even more rural. In the western region of Zambia, the "Chiefs" are ruling and they in turn are reporting to the "Senior Chiefs".
Similar to the national princes they govern their often very large, districts. Kingdoms do no longer exist. Many of them, however, are actually of royal descent, and so also is the dealing with the "Royal Highnesses" marked by great respect and veneration.
How established these structures still are becomes more clearer by the fact that once a year an annual conference of the government with about 100 Chiefs takes place where in the debate the fate of the country and will be decided.
The paved road from Solwezi westward is with very few exceptions, very good. Two days we drive through countryside, passing small villages without any infrastructure. In places, there is not even tomatoes just the ever-popular cassava.

Beginning October in the small town of Manyinga the Lukwakwa Festival will take place that we do not want to miss. more...

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Part V >  Kaoma - Kazungula          13.10. - 31.10.2015          1.443 km


The South

Today's metropolis is located on the famous "Road to Cairo" the imaginary dream road of all African travelers. Lusaka was founded in 1905 as a railway station and in 1931 it was the capital of the country. Today Lusaka is one of the fastest growing cities in Central Africa with all the problems of rapid development. In particular, the poorer population lives in so-called compounds around the actual city.
If not absolutely necessary, we avoid these cities, but of course they also belong to the country that we travel through. And this time there is a special reason to go to the capital. We are expecting a visitor! Klaus father will come to join us for five weeks. And there is still a lot to do until his arrival.
In the city we can stay at Fabians home. We learned to know him in Chinyingi at the "Swinging Bridge", he is living and working here and already there he offered that we can stay at his place when we come to the city. More than a week we spend with him and his friends. It was a really "cool" time where we in addition to the modifications to the truck even find time to have a party and meet a lot of great people.   more...

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Zambia - The Real Africa...

... a pearl in Africa that opens more and more ....
Over a period of 2 months we have virtually surrounded Zambia. We were traveling on routes that do not lie on the classic routes of the Tourist Guides.
Straight  forward we can say that Zambia the country of waterfalls and swamps, at least two of the most powerful rivers of Africa have their source in Zambia, has become one of our favorite countries. We exceptionally enjoyed itThe country has so much to offer, it is characterized by its unspoiled nature, either in the vast flood plains of the Zambezi, in the wilderness of the Luangwa Valley or in the entirely undeveloped north. This goes hand in hand with great attractions such as the Victoria Falls and the great National Parks South Luangwa and Kafue. Because of the altitude Zambia has a relatively pleasant climate.
And we had really great experiences. Many authentic and unspoiled encounters with fantastic people who live according to ancient traditions, are also sometimes very poor and anyhow welcomed us in an incredibly friendly manner. We never felt "besieged" or harassed, quite the contrary. People approach you in a very respectful way. They always act according to the motto "Friends give a smile".
The whole country is safe and peaceful. Diesel, provided there is Diesel available, is the same price throughout the country. The cost of living is overall comparatively expensive, apart from local products. The park entrance and camping fees are more favorable than they were in Tanzania and Kenya. Apart from the touristic hotspots like South Luangwa National Park, Victoria Falls or on the north-south route only a few tourists are on the roads in the country.
We sincerely hope that Zambia will not become a mass destination, but remains a jewel for Africa friends.

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