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World Travel

... A journey always begins with the first step ...

It is not our way of counting chickens before they hatch, we are just simply not on our world trip - we will only start. Of course we will not just leave and drive somewhere. We have made our thoughts over the world travel, with the countless possibilities of route planning. Our plan is still very easy - the journey is the destination - and that we wish to retain.
With this "plan" we might not have
always seen everything on our previous trips and to some, in a guide book perhaps specified, so-called landmark, we passed, but we were always close to the people, we have discovered great landscapes and we took much time for what was around us. We have searched and found contact, even if the communication was not always easy. Somehow it went.

. Travel destination of the world travel: Africa
The only thing we know for sure:
We want to start our trip around the world with Africa and drive across to Cape Town . To be quite honest - at the moment for us it is still very difficult to decide whether we traverse this incredible continent in a clockwise or counterclockwise. Actually, we would have to traverse the continent three times - once around the right, then around to the left and then in the middle. There is, in almost all countries of Africa so incredibly much to discover that we need to think over it intensively. For example, a west-east crossing would be a nice challenge. Unfortunately, the security situation in many countries of Africa is not the most stable, so we will consider shortly before departure, which route we will take, and explore by just driving "in the continent".

2. Travel destination of the world travel: South America
After Cape Town, South America should then be "conquered". We 've been to Argentina and Chile with a rented camper and it was fantastic. This also attracts us again. After Buenos Aires where the steaks are carved with a spoon - so soft they are, this alone makes our mouth water. The incredible vastness of the Andes, grandiose mountains and very nice and friendly people.

3. Travel destination of the world travel: Central America, North America - Canada - Alaska
From there, it will then go to the USA - up to Canada and Alaska. Here we will need to consider the season. Our truck is indeed suitable for winter use, but at minus 40 degrees
even we will not have a lot of fun anymore.

. Travel destination of the world travel: Asia - Australia
we will do Asia, Australia then? We do not know. For us this is still so far away that we wasted no thought about it yet.

We have plenty of time - and somehow everything will arise on our world trip.

Weltenbummler Shumba - Weltreise, Abenteuerreise mit dem Allrad Reisemobil
Weltenbummler Shumba - Weltreise, Abenteuerreise mit dem Allrad Reisemobil an faszinierende Orte

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